Sally currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and is available for
theatrical, commercial, print and voice-over work in USA or Australia.

Accents: Australian, American (Bronx, West Coast, Southern), English, Irish, Scottish.

Performance Skills:    Comedy, Drama, Singing, Improvisation, Dance (modern).

Interests:  Music, Singing, Dancing, Film making, Directing, Reading, Cooking, Driving, Swimming.

Currently studying:  The Method in Los Angles with Rob Reece – www.methodacting.com 

Currently studying the Scientific Meditation techniques introduced to the west by Paramahansa Yogananda – www.selfrealizationfellowship.com

Sally has enrolled in all of the below programs:

Bachelor of Arts (Drama), Acting Major awarded at Queensland University of Technology’s Academy of the Arts, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) Winter School Acting Workshop Specialising in performing Shakespeare and Rehearsing Scenes with Mark Gaal (Award recipient).

Voice Masterclass with Cicely Berry (UK) at Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney.

Workshops in Stuntwork, Fencing, Voice, Singing, Dance, Classical Theater, Drama.

According to extensive research gathered by the Dove Press Group, acting can contribute to one’s happiness.