Recent Shows

Below listed are Sally’s most recent shows: 

BLACKED UP (Lesley Enoch, dir.) Touring Ensemble (Lead) Sydney Theatre Company
LOUNGE ROOM CULTURE Cloe & Maria (Lead) Elbow Theatre Company, Canberra
LONG GONE LONESOME COWGIRLS (Musical) Rae (Lead) Railway Street Theatre Co, Sydney
TWO WEEKS WITH THE QUEEN Touring Ensemble (Lead) Riverina Theatre Company on Tour
LOADED STORIES Writer/Performer (Lead) Queensland Theatre Company
WEST SIDE STORY (Musical) Consuela (Principal) QUT Culture Complex, Brisbane
THREE SISTERS (Anton Checkov) Olga (Principal) Woodward Theatre, Brisbane
THE ROVER (Aphra Behn) Moretta (Principal) Woodward Theatre, Brisbane
TOUCHED (John O’Hare, dir.) Sandra (Lead) Woodward Theatre, Brisbane
AS YOU LIKE IT (Shakespeare) Audrey & Singer (Principal) Woodward Theatre, Brisbane