Reviews of Sally Strecker’s Performances

“As the wild-talkin’, free-lovin’ Rae, [Strecker] sent the audience into a spin… And the audience loved her, especially when she had a dig at them too – ad lib. This is by far the funniest show I’ve seen for a long time. This is something really worth seeing. The highest accolade I can give it is that you know this is good acting when two people can not only fill a stage with their own characters, but manage to conjure up a dozen others around them for you to fill in with your own imagination.”
Sydney Morning Herald

“The performance by first year Academy of the Arts acting student Sally Strecker, as the naughty coquette Paulina, stands out from a series of strong individual performances by more established actors. For such a young actor, Strecker showed incredible integrity which would naturally translate into film and television. She portrayed an entirely credible character who fitted beautifully into a surreal landscape..”
Brisbane Courier Mail

“…while Sally Strecker, a perfect Renoir beauty, stunningly embodies the durable sexist fantasy of the corrupt virgin”.
The Australian

“This incredibly talented actress offers a complete realization of her character”.
Time Out